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Architecture Design

At Edifice, our expert architects are dedicated to shaping spaces that blend functionality, aesthetics, and innovation. We transform your ideas and needs into captivating architectural designs that breathe life into structures. Our designs harmonize form and function, ensuring a seamless integration of spaces that inspire and captivate.


Interior Design

Edifice's interior design team crafts immersive and enchanting environments that reflect your personality and aspirations. We curate every detail, from furniture arrangement and color palettes to textures and lighting, creating spaces that evoke emotions and optimize functionality. Our interior designs narrate stories through spatial experiences.


Structure Design

At Edifice, our structural engineers provide the backbone for your architectural vision. We design robust and resilient structures that stand the test of time, blending innovation with practicality. Our precise structural designs ensure safety, stability, and harmony, enabling your ideas to soar to new heights.

About Our Company

Architectural Creativity and Innovation

Edifice stands as a testament to architectural creativity and innovation in Pakistan. With over 20 years of experience, we have honed our skills to become a leading name in designing bespoke interiors and crafting architectural maps. Our journey is defined by a passion for design, a flair for aesthetics, and a commitment to transforming spaces into works of art.

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    Unyielding Creativity and Ethical Integrity.
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Architecture Design

At Edifice, we turn architectural dreams into living, breathing realities. Our comprehensive architecture design services encompass everything from initial concept to final execution, resulting in stunning and functional spaces that stand the test of time. With unwavering dedication to excellence and an eye for detail, we craft architectural masterpieces that harmonize aesthetics, functionality, and structural integrity. Our designs are not just buildings; they are enduring works of art that inspire, enrich, and transform

  • Conceptual Design:
  • Structural Planning
  • Aesthetic Excellence
  • Enduring Masterpieces

Interior design

At Edifice Interior Design, our mission is to seamlessly bring your vision to life. Our comprehensive interior design services are the cornerstone of this transformation. Here's how we provide our services:

  • Customized Design Plans
  • Space Optimization
  • Material and Color Expertise
  • Furniture and Decor Curation

Bespoke Map Design

At Edifice, we offer a specialized service that goes beyond traditional map-making. We craft custom maps designed to guide you through the journey of your future home or business space. Our maps are more than just visuals; they are architectural blueprints, artistic representations, and functional guides, all rolled into one.
Our Approach:
We believe that a well-designed map is the cornerstone of any successful project. Here's how our Bespoke Map Design service can assist you in planning for your future home or business space:

  • Artistic Rendering:
  • Architectural Mapping
  • Custom Cartography
  • Functional Navigation
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Architect Engineer

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Finance Manager

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    Edifice has been an absolute pleasure to work with. Their team's dedication to excellence, from architectural design to interior aesthetics, is truly remarkable. They took my vision for a dream farmhouse in Islamabad and turned it into a breathtaking reality


    Edifice's dedication to excellence is unmatched. Their architectural and interior design expertise transformed our office into a stunning and highly functional workspace. They meticulously handled every detail, from concept to execution, exceeding our expectations. Edifice is the go-to choice for anyone seeking top-notch design services

    Samuel Peters

    Roofing Expert

    IQBAL Heights, designed by Edifice, exemplifies contemporary urban living in Islamabad. This architectural gem is a testament to Edifice's expertise in seamlessly blending modern design with functionality. The attention to detail in every aspect of IQBAL Heights is truly impressive. We are delighted to have chosen Edifice for this project, and IQBAL Heights stands as a shining example of their excellence

    Zonalos Neko

    Edifice delivered beyond our expectations. As a prominent architectural firm in Islamabad, they conceptualized and designed Faisal Heights, a project that perfectly encapsulates modern urban living. Their architectural prowess and attention to detail are evident in every corner of this masterpiece. Edifice has demonstrated why they are a trusted name in the industry


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